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Char is Healing!!!!

April 3rd, 2017 by

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Finally got to lay in his favorite spot on the couch!

My little munchkin is healing!!! YAY! His bruising is nearly gone. His drain hole is 80% closed up and has completely stopped leaking! Woot! He’s up hopping around everywhere and wanting to let his weeks of built up energy out, but mommy and daddy say no. Charlie’s stitches are itching him like crazy though lol scary when he tries to scratch it, so we gently do it for him. Almost all of his dried blood has been cleaned off or fallen off. His ears are soft and kissable again (we like to kiss behind them). Eating and drinking and relieving himself perfectly. Thank YOU for all of the support. I do have a question, will the excess skin from the amp eventually recede back against his body or will it remain giggly like it is? Just curious.

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Updated Pictures

March 30th, 2017 by

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So here’s pictures of today. His bruising has gone down we noticed…but this is the oozing I’m talking about. The puppy pad near his elbow has a blotch of it. There have been between 5 and 10 blotches like that each changing and we swap them out about twice a day. It seems like a lot of fluid for him to be losing.

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Help! Post Surgery

March 30th, 2017 by

Hi everyone. My dog Charlie (a.k.a. Charmander) had his second surgery on Wednesday 3/22/17 to remove his shoulder. He had complications with his stump almost immediately after his surgery that involved a lot of vet visits to drain the fluid built up in it. Fast forward 1 year later and he somehow got an infection which resulted in us rushing to get his shoulder removed. We were told that doing so should end his constant drainage issues and help him in the long run.

I started this blog mostly for one purpose. We need advice. Charlie’s care after his first surgery was a breeze. He came home clean with some bruising and healed up nice and quick (with the exception of later complications). Now his second surgery is another story. We brought him home 5 days later on Monday 3/27/17. He was supposed to be home last Thursday but they called and told us he was still having a lot of bleeding and that they wanted to keep him through the weekend. Well Monday comes along, they bring him out to me and he is literally covered from head to tail in dried blood and bedadine. They saw my reaction and said they tried their best and would give him a complimentary bath in 21 days when he comes to get his stitches out. Then she proceeded to remove his draining tube. It started to bleed and she told me it would scab over in 3 days, handed me his meds and that was the end of that convo.

It is Thursday now. He is still leaking a good amount of blood and serum with no sign of it scabbing over. Did anyone else have issues like this? If so, how did you care for your dog to assist the healing process? We have stairs he has to go up and down to relieve himself so I know that’s a problem. Any remedies to remove the dried blood on him? We just need advice. I can’t find posts anywhere that involved the first couple days post surgery. Any advice would be great. Thank you.


These are pictures of Charlie (sorry for those that have quesy stomachs).

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